New Patrons


Who are the New Patrons?

New Patrons: Teenagers, teachers, truckers, farmers, astrophysicists, shepherds, bartenders, programmers, nurses, bankers, psychologists, driving instructors, pensioners, doctors, gardeners, cooks, coaches, you, me

15 countries, 30 years, over 500 projects

The New Patrons in Germany are part of an international network. Since 1992, citizens have completed over 500 projects in 15 countries following the New Patrons protocol: works of art and architecture, films, music, literature, Internet projects, and theater productions. More than 300 of these were produced in France, where the New Patrons have become a permanent fixture in the artistic and wider community, particularly in the country’s economically underdeveloped regions. Thousands of partners – independent mediators, funding bodies, and initiatives that share a common goal – have helped make this work possible. The New Patrons do not represent an institution but a new technique of artistic production. Read more



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