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Creating closeness through culture in difficult times

At New Patrons we are always close. In many places, we accompany the direct dialogue between citizens and artists who shape the future of villages, quarters and communities in joint projects. During the Corona crisis, however, this civic work is slowing down. Meetings are cancelled. Our mediators cannot travel to the projects. Artists stay at home for the time being. The virus forces us to avoid our most important workplace at the moment: The public space. But our work continues.

We are not losing our enthusiasm. Now new solutions, formats and ways are needed and we are working on many steps at once. We advertise for the financing of the projects. We plan with architects and structural engineers. We discuss the projects of citizens with administration and politics. And there is now more room for in-depth research, which is an important part of our method.

Above all, however, we see our responsibility in the coming weeks and months as being in places where culture is particularly important. While cinemas, museums or theatres have to remain closed, we will connect our projects even more closely – also with digital tools. We want to strengthen the exchange between civic groups. We are making our contribution to promoting cohesion in villages and towns. When public life is slowing down, the discussion of cultural concerns and projects is particularly important in order to keep an eye on future perspectives. Now more than ever, we need a sense of community and responsibility for our society. Our clients are shining examples of this. We will actively support them in the coming period.

We will remain in regular contact. You will hear from us! Write to us or give us a call if something is close to your heart.

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New Patrons



Patrons, artists, and mediators talk about their projects in documentary films and videos. These valuable sources provide insight into how extraordinary works of art come into being.

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