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Creating closeness through culture in difficult times

At New Patrons we are always close. In many places, we accompany the direct dialogue between citizens and artists who shape the future of villages, quarters and communities in joint projects. During the Corona crisis, however, this civic work is slowing down. Meetings are cancelled. Our mediators cannot travel to the projects. Artists stay at home for the time being. The virus forces us to avoid our most important workplace at the moment: The public space. But our work continues.

We are not losing our enthusiasm. Now new solutions, formats and ways are needed and we are working on many steps at once. We advertise for the financing of the projects. We plan with architects and structural engineers. We discuss the projects of citizens with administration and politics. And there is now more room for in-depth research, which is an important part of our method.

Above all, however, we see our responsibility in the coming weeks and months as being in places where culture is particularly important. While cinemas, museums or theatres have to remain closed, we will connect our projects even more closely – also with digital tools. We want to strengthen the exchange between civic groups. We are making our contribution to promoting cohesion in villages and towns. When public life is slowing down, the discussion of cultural concerns and projects is particularly important in order to keep an eye on future perspectives. Now more than ever, we need a sense of community and responsibility for our society. Our clients are shining examples of this. We will actively support them in the coming period.

We will remain in regular contact. You will hear from us! Write to us or give us a call if something is close to your heart.

Your New Patrons Team


New Patrons



Each New Patrons project is unique; no group of patrons is like any other. That’s why it’s important to identify an artist who is the right fit for a place, its people, and their project. Finding him or her is our mediators’ job. Many artists welcome the challenges that come with engaging with unfamiliar situations, settings, and communities. They do far more than execute a predetermined assignment, and we don’t solicit applications from artists to realize a given project. Rather, we invite selected artists to become active partners who seek to understand the larger story behind a commission. They interpret the patrons’ brief, ask probing questions, and do research. They often consider the citizens’ wishes from an angle that no one had thought of and make unexpected proposals. Over time, they develop an idea for a new work that responds to the patrons’ needs; responsibility for the whole process of bringing it to fruition is shared by everyone involved. Together, they bring a new piece of music or a stage play, a building or a park, a sculpture or a film into being that articulates local needs while also speaking to broader audiences. The artists translate the patrons’ requests into public works of art and cultural assets.

Andrea Acosta

Atelier Le Balto

Benjamin Avignon

Alain Bernardini

Andréas Brandolini

Alain Bublex

Ruth Buchanan

Angela Bulloch

Balthasar Burkhard

Bernard Calet

Alexandre Chemetoff

Saweta Clouet

Attila Csor̈gő

Anouk De Clercq

Baptiste Debombourg

Fabrice Domercq

Antoine Espinasseau

Anya Gallaccio

Andy Goldsworthy

Andrea Knobloch

Battista Lena

Armin Linke

Jasper Marrison

Annette Messager

Anita Molinero

Antoni Muntadas

Amy O’neill

Alexandre Perigot

Alejandra Riera

Anna Scalfi Eghenter

Alain Séchas

Angelo Vermeulen

Bertille Bak

Bertrand Lavier

Bigert & Bergström

Braco Dimitrijevic

Bruno Peinado

Adelfo Scaranello

Bruno Serralongue

Cabanon Vertical

Camille Henrot

Candice Breitz

Carmen Perrin

Cécile Bart

Cécile Maulini

Cécile Pitois

Céleste Boursier-Mougenot

Christian Boltanski

Christian Rizzo

Agatha Ruiz De La Prada

Christine Felten

Véronique Massinger

Christophe Berdaguer

Marie Pejus

Christophe Fink

Christophe Huysman

Christophe Terlinden

Emmanuel Lambion

Iwan Strauven

Christopher Wool

Claude Closky

Claude Lévêque

Claude Rutault

Claudia Losi

Clegg & Guttmann

Daniel Buren

Andrea Blum

Catherine Willis

David Lang

Robin Rimbaud


Delphine Balley

Delphine Coindet

Didier Courbot

Didier Faustino

Didier Marcel

Didier Vermeiren

Dirk Zoete

Dominique Gonzales-Foerster

Dominique Lombardi

Edith Canat De Chizy

Maryline Desbiolles

Elisabeth Ballet

Emilio Lopez-Menchero

Emmanuel Saulnier

Emmelene Landon

Erik Samakh

Ernst Caramelle

Erwin Wurm

Ettore Spalletti

Guido Fanti

Eulalia Valldosera

Fabien Rigobert

Francesco Finizio

Franck Scurti

François Azambourg

Florence Doléac

Bless (Heiss Et Ines Kaag)

David Dubois

François Seigneur

Gary Webb

Georges Traquandi

Gérard Collin-Thiébaut

Gilles Perraudin

Giuseppe Gabellone

Gloria Friedmann

Goran Brégovic

Griet Dobbels

Guillaume Bresson

Hamisch Fulton

Harun Farocki

Heike Mutter

Ulrich Genth

Henri Alekan

Patrick Rimoux

Henrik Schrat

Hervé Audibert

Bernard Moninot

Herve Paraponaris

Hiraki Sawa

Honoré δ'Ο

Hugo Kostrzewa

Ionna Vautrin

Isabelle Cornaro

Isabelle Rouquette

Jacques Jouet

Jacques Vieille

Jan Christensen

Jan Kopp

Janusz Stega

Jean-Luc Brisson

Jean-Luc Le Gac

Hervé Di Rosa

Jean-Luc Moulène

Jean-Luc Vilmouth

Jean-Marc Bustamante

Jean-Michel Othoniel

Jessica Stockholder

Joël Auxenfans

Joëlle Tuerlinckx

John Armleder

John Körmeling

Julian Celdran

Jyll Bradley

Kelley Walker

Kenny Hunter

Kim Sooja

Kinya Maruyama

Kirsten Everberg

Koen Broucke

Koen De Decker

Krijn De Koning


Lani Maestro

Lara Almarcegui

Laurent Millet

Laurent Pernot

Laurent Saksik

Lee Bul

Leen Braspenning

Liam Gillick

Lily Van Der Stokker

Lionel Esteve

Loek Grootjans

Loïc Raguénès

Luciano Fabro

Lucio Fanti

Guido Fanti

Lucy Orta

Luigi Ontani

Magnus Bärtås

Marc Barani

Marc Couturier

Marc Mimram

Marc Pataut

Marc-Camille Chaimowicz

Liliane Bourgeat

Maria Roosen

Marie Angeletti

Marie Lansac

Gerco De Ruijter

Marie-Ange Guilleminot

Marina Babakoff

Mario Airò

Mark Handforth

Martha Rosler

Martino Gamper

Marvin Gaye Chetwynd

Marzia Migliora

Massimo Bartolini

Matali Crasset

Mathieu Briand

Mathieu Lehanneur

Matt Mullican

Maurizio Nannucci

Melik Ohanian

Michael Beutler

Michael Lin

Michel Aubry

Michel Blazy

Michel Francois

Michel Mossessian

Michel Verjux

Michelangelo Pistoletto

Nadia Wallis

Natacha Guillaumont

Navin Rawanchaikul

Nello Russo

Nick Ervinck

Nicolas Floc’h

Niele Toroni

Normal Studio

Olivier Bedu

Olivier Mosset

Olivier Peyricot

Oscar Tuazon

Pascale Houbin

Patrice Carré

Patrick André

Anne-Violaine Taconet

Patrick Berger

Jacques Anzuitti

Patrick Bernier

Olive Martin

Patrick Bouchain

Loïc Julienne

Sébastien Eymard

Jean Lautrey

Patrick Corillon

Patrick Faigenbaum

Peter De Graaff

Peter Halley

Philippe Decrauzat

Philippe Forest

Olivier Menanteau

Pierre Berthet

Pierre Henry

Pierre Lafon

Pierre Malphettes

Pierrick Sorin

Qubo Gas

Rachel Feinstein


Remy Zaugg

Richard Nonas

Robert Barry

Roe Ethridge

Rudy Ricciotti

Sabine Delcour

Florence Lazar

Jean-Louis Schoellkopf

Sammy Engramer

Samuel Bianchini

Sandro Chia

Sarah Jones

Sarah Van Sonsbeeck


Manuel Paoli

Serge Comte

Simon Patterson

Société Réaliste

Sophie Von Hellermann

Stefano Arienti

Stephan Balkenhol

Stéphane Magnin

Stephane Thidet

Steven Gontarski

Studio Orta

Susanne Bürner

Suzanne Hetzel

Jean-Pierre Oostende

Svetlana Heger

Sylvie Auvray

Sylvie Fleury

Tadashi Kawamata

Tania Mouraud

Tatiana Trouvé

Thierry Lahontâa

Thomas Houseago

Tue Greenfort

Ugo Rondinone

Ulla Von Brandenburg

Valérie Mréjen


Véronique Joumard

Via Lewandowsky

Michaela Melian

Judith Siegmund

Helmut und Johanna Kandl

Vincent Labaume

Vito Acconci

Wesley Meuris

Wilfrid Almendra

Wim Delvoye

Xavier Veilhan

Yan Pei-Ming

Yona Friedman

5.5 Designer

Residents and artisans of Bifolone together with regional artists

Françoise Pétrovitch

Felix Mertikat

Bruce Sterling

Joep van Lieshout

Giorgio Griffa


Rimini Protokoll

Nika Dubrovsky