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The New Patrons
of Wietstock

Photo: Victoria Tomaschko

The New Patrons of Wietstock

Patrons*innen: A group of Wietstock residents: Nana Abel, Jürgen Bigalke, Rosemarie Bigalke, Petra Bunke, Sascha Dorp, Ursula Dorp, Stefanie Kaul, Martin Müller-Butz, Tina Netzband, Gudrun Peschel, Bernd Rohleder, Heinz Schünemann,

Commission: We want to commission an art project to create a central location in our village, which will offer permanent and continuous opportunities for encounters and exchanges between people of different generations and origins from Wietstock itself and outside of Wietstock. Thus we want to strengthen the exemplary character and the radiance of the village into the region and beyond. The art project should enable the people living here to take part in the process of creation and also offer opportunities for active participation in village life after realisation. T

Mediators*in: Susanne Burmester,

Artists*in: Antje Majewski,

Cooperation Partners and Sponsors: Federal Cultural Foundation,

Duration: 2019 –

Today, a modern village can be as diverse as the life experience of its inhabitants, who travel, love both town and country and often commute between the two - and who have made a conscious decision to live in the village, whether they have always been in the village, stay there and get involved, or are newcomers. People do not live in the village out of necessity, but because they appreciate it.

The village of Wietstock in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania offers sufficient space for individual life and work ideas. Living in diversity is the norm here. The common denominator in Wietstock is what distinguishes the state from the city: Its special experience of nature.

Mediator Susanne Burmester on site in Wietstock

Photo: Victoria Tomaschko

Members of the municipal council and village spokesperson during the presentation of the commission

Photo: Victoria Tomaschko

Meeting of the New Patrons of Wietstock

Photo: Victoria Tomaschko

The group of New Patrons would like to secure the open-mindedness and diversity in their community in the long term. To this end they commission the artist Antje Majewski to create a social place in the centre of the village. It should offer space to a changing village community and become a symbol for togetherness in diversity.

Signing the commission

Photo: Frank Horrmann

New Patron Martin Müller-Butz at the get-together for signing the commission

Photo: Frank Horrmann

Antje Majewski visiting Wietstock

Photo: Victoria Tomaschko

Antje Majewski enjoys collaborating with other people. In her work she observes, listens and makes discoveries in new areas. In doing so, she collects stories and develops them artistically together with the local people in an inventive way. Her work often deals with ecological and social issues and their partly obvious, partly invisible connections.

The people living here are to join the creation of the art project and, after its implementation, have the opportunity to actively participate in shaping village life.

Meeting of the New Patrons of Wietstock

Photo: Victoria Tomaschko

The New Patrons of Wietstock on TV

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We want to commission an art project that will provide opportunities for exchange and encounters between people from different backgrounds and generations at a central location in Wietstock. The project should reflect Wietstock as a playground embedded in nature for diverse life concepts.

Photo: Victoria Tomaschko

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