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The New Patrons
of Beeskow

Photo: Victoria Tomaschko

Activity radar for a small town

Patrons*innen: Inhabitants of Beeskow: Matthea Ast-Lehmann, Barbara Buhrke, Anni Geissler, Kristina Geissler, Tom Klaar, Claudia Laue, Rosemarie Jurisch, Helen Radam, Steffen Schulze, Dieter Siegesmund,

Mediators*innen: Lea Schleiffenbaum, Lena Ziese,

Cooperation Partners and Sponsors: Federal Cultural Foundation,

Duration: 2019 –

Not much going on in small towns? Certainly not in Beeskow. A lot happens in the district town by the river Spree: people get involved in associations, initiatives and honorary posts and put together a wide variety of activities and cultural offerings.

However, something is needed in the eyes of the New Patrons of Beeskow: They would like to provide a new visibility of everything that people do for themselves and their neighbours here – an activity radar for Beeskow.

View of Beeskow

Photo: Victoria Tomaschko


With mediator Lea Schleiffenbaum (2nd f.r.) and head of regional development Gerrit Gohlke (right) on the market square

Photo: Victoria Tomaschko

The people of Beeskow are proud of a lively community life beyond small town stereotypes. Therefore, the New Patrons group would like to see an artistic project that brings the great variety of activities to light for everyone, that awakens the desire to participate in what is on offer and to share with the whole town what is being done for the community here.

An overview of current activities and events will be presented in an innovative artistic format at central locations in the city. Visibility in the cityscape and in the digital world are equally important. Art should make the hidden diversity readable for everyone.

Thus it becomes obvious that something is happening and, above all, how much is happening. And it enables those who notice this diversity to approach others, to participate, to be involved and to engage themselves.

Meeting of the patrons

Photo: Victoria Tomaschko

Online meeting with the patrons

Photo: Victoria Tomaschko

Meeting of the patrons

Photo: Victoria Tomaschko

Beeskow should discover itself as a city that is open to its neighbours and likes to tell about its activities.

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